MbusEasy - the simple way to read Meter-Bus devices, also remotely
Meter Bus is a European standard (EN 13757) for the remote reading of meters (heat, water, gas, energy, electricity, etc). It is also known as M-bus or for shortness MBUS. It works with two wires and uses industrial 3.81mm connectors or also different connectors. 
MbusEasy is a affordable and easy to install device that can read any MBUS device (a single device or a Master device such as a central heating measurement "antenna" or so), and can optionally send the reading over the Internet thanks to a WiFi connection or a GSM sim card. 
MbusEasy can be configured and read with a smartphone or a PC, with just some clicks. 
If used for remote reading, you can use our server to see the readings (preconfigured; example here), or you can tell the device to use your own script (called by POST with some pre-configured parameters, click here for the MbusEasy script specifications). 
The unit is compact, very low power and uses normal batteries: if you set up the standard periodicity (e.g."read each 15 days") the 4 standard AA 1.5V alkaline batteries will last for their entire natural lifetime (normally 5 years; 1 year for bad chinese batteries). 
If you set the max frequency (1 hour) it would be probably better to use 4 AA 1.5V lithium batteries: the lifetime depends by the strength of the WiFi or of the GSM net signal. 
- easy to install, can be configured and read with a browser on a smartphone or a PC (no special software or special hardware required!) 
- easy to install 
- uses standard replaceable batteries, long life, low power consumption (does not need job to connect to 220V/mains) 
- with WiFi / GSM editions, you can read at home (or everywhere there is the Internet) with a login to a website (example
- can send readings to your own server/script 
- it's a single box to be placed near the existing Meter Bus device: no plant replacement works/expenses 
The device is about 11 x 11 x 5 cm (4 x 4 x 2") and can be placed next to or above the meter that you want to monitor. You just need to check that the switch is OFF, insert the batteries, mechanically fix the unit (e.g. on the wall with some fischer, or else), close it and power on. 
Then with your PC / Smartphone you connect to the internal wifi wfeasy.com and to the web site same name, and you can configure it on screen; you can also perform and download readings. 
It's really intuitive. 
MbusEasy Standard, RemoteWiFi, RemoteGSM
The Standard is the simplest and most affordable. Turn it on, connect yourself to its internal wifi called wfeasy.com, and use the menus. You can read a single device, and you can do a scan for Master devices (and then read all the units). 
The RemoteWiFi version can lean on an external WiFi (the data consumption is quite low, no special requirements). 
It can perform and store the readings you set monthly, bi-weekly, or even daily. You configure it through internal wifi wfeasy.com, you move the switch to Off/Sleep, and it will turn on by itself to perform the readings. 
It can send to MbusEasy.com (example) or to your own server (specifications). 
The RemoteGSM is like the RemoteWiFi (and can also work in WiFi), additionally it can be equipped with a GSM SIM card (given the very low data consumption if your reading interval is low it is not even necessary a discounted "data bundle"). You configure it with PC/Smartphone and your browser like the RemoteWifi. 
SPECIAL OFFER: Standard: only 129.95; RemoteWifi: only 159.95; RemoteGSM only 199.95€! 
(taxes included; sending 15€) 
Are you ready for a human, efficient and easy to use MBus meter reading system? Get MbusEasy today!! 
MbusEasy is actually our second product in the Meter Bus world. The first one is a more specific Mbus device, TermoEasy, that we designed to offer a simple means to read heat consumption in condos (the heat cost allocators / heat measurement that is mandatory in most Europe). For more information please see its website (TermoEasy website / read heat consumption - TermoEasy summary: the easy way to read heat consumption...) 
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