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MbusEasy reading Meter Bus M-Bus MBUS
Is the installation difficult? Do I need an electrician? Do I need a computer expert? 
Normally you can do it by yourself. The most difficult thing of the installation is to fix the box that constitutes MbusEasy, maybe to a wall through two "fischer" anchors (if you want to fix it). For the rest if it is a battery-powered version you put in the batteries, a thing which certainly you have already done for some other equipment, and you connect MbusEasy to the Meter or to the Meter Control Unit with a plug, which is equally simple.  
Then you turn it on, you connect your smartphone (or PC) to the wifi (that will be available), you open your browser and you dig on the same website - after a few seconds the main menu will show. 
Then if you are able to understand what is the Meter-bus you are able to use it. 
To test it you may read with standard settings (maybe changing the Baud rate if needed). 
Does it work with iPhone? With Android? With iPad? With Mac? With a PC? 
Yes to all the questions. It works with any device with a Web browser, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, of any world, even Linux. Of any manufacturer, not just Apple and Samsung but also all other producers. 
What batteries does it use? How long do the batteries last? 
MbusEasy works with 4 normal 1.5V AA alkaline batteries, those sold in all supermarkets in a pack of 4. It can also be used with AA lithium batteries, but normally they are not necessary. 
If used with a not too much frequent readings preset the alkaline batteries can last until the normal expiration date printed on the batteries (usually 5 years, if you have not installed old batteries) 
Please notice that for the GSM and WiFi version the battery life depends on WiFi or GSM coverage (if the signal is weaker, they will last less). In general, if the monthly or bi-weekly reading is adopted, they can also last for several years
We recommend replacing the batteries as soon as the device signals this need (it shows the approximative charge). 
Can I use rechargeable batteries? Zinc-carbon batteries? 
No, the rechargeable batteries discharge themselves too fast for this kind of use (the phenomenon is known as "self-discharge") and they also give a lower voltage than normal batteries: thus damage TermoEasy. You must never use rechargeable batteries or zinc-carbon (which by now are almost only sold by the Chineses). 
Does the GSM version use special SIMs? Is there a favorite telephone operator? Do I have to buy the SIM from you? 
The GSM version can be used with almost any SIM with the "data" communication active (either sold as Internet or the old Wap), of any provider that has a good coverage in the place where you put TermoEasy. You do not usually need a special plan such as 5GB/month or so. 
You just have to remember to make sure that there is always sufficient credit if the SIM is prepaid, or to pay the subscription if it is a subscription. We do not sell nor do we advise you to use any specific operator. 
But how much data do you "consume"? Is it enough a SIM with a data plan like 1G / month or similar? Or do you need more? 
If you read one single meter normally you do not need to buy a data plan among those in promotion with a monthly cost, because MbusEasy is very efficient and "consumes" very little data. 
In a test with a prepaid SIM without any data "promotion" and therefore no monthly recurring cost (but with the possibility of data traffic) were invoiced to us for 0.0268 for a multi-meter Master device that generated data for 9KBytes. 
This in comparison to how much it costs 1GB (which would be over 1000000KB) is a rather high KB cost, but for our particular application, in case of monthly reading (which is the one recommended to have the longest possible battery life) it means you spend around 30 cents a year (even less by disabling summer reading!). Other GSM providers have similar costs. 
Please note that most operators will require an annual "recharge" to keep a prepaid SIM active. 
In the place where it is convenient to put the TermoEasy, this WiFi seems to have a signal too low (we checked also with a smartphone) and MbusEasy does not communicate, can we do something? What can we do? 
It is possible to move MbusEasy away from the Meter / Master device by placing a longer MBUS cable (just use terminals, a flat cable or telephone cable is fine); or you could buy a "WiFi repeater" or "WiFi extender": now there are also very cheap ones, and all that they need is usually electricity (and since MbusEasy, when in Timer mode, transmits at night you may even want to connect the repeater to the light system). 
Is it available only in English? 
The interface works in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German; it is available at present with a English, French or Italian paper manual. 
Can I have telephone support? 
We are sorry but if we stay all day on the phone we do not have more time to work, and we do not consider it worthy to give you a "call center" service: you deserve better. We always answer questions asked by email and / or through the contact form
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