M-Bus script specifications for MbusEasy
As explained, MbusEasy (RemoteWiFi and RemoteGSM) is preset to send the data to mbuseasy.com. 
You login with a username and a password and you see the data (like this, click here to see the data for username 7
With the M-bus Reading/Settings menu, you can enter the URL of your own script (end of the page; must be standard http:// and port 80); either as http://www.aserver.com/nicescript.php or simply www.aserver.com/nicescript.php
Or www.aserver.com/cgi-bin/nicescript.pl or www.aserver.com/dir/nicescript.py - any server programming language that can read a POST request in normal CGI standard is OK. 
The CGI parameters passed on are: 
webid (unique identifier; preset when MbusEasy is assembled) 
rmt (remote mode: wifi or gsm; you may use it for display purpose) 
batt (battery charge in % - if less than 25 batteries must be replaced) 
rtim (current reading frequency in hours) 
rtimset (if this is 1, a end user has just changed the reading frequency, locally) 
err (errors, if any) 
f (the readings, in plain text) 
The server MUST reply with a short text reply (any reply will be actually read as text; lines terminated by LF), in this format: 
This is a message (one line) that will be shown to the end user if present. 
OK data saved 
2019-03-31 10:11 (the current UTC/GMT time, used to adjust the internal Clock) 
2019-03-31 10:11 (last reading time; or can be a empty line) 
2019-03-31 10:11 (last correct reading time; or can be a empty line) 
360 (reading frequency for next reading, in minutes) 
(empty line) 
(empty line) 
0 (summer mode) 
(empty line) 
(empty line) 
(empty line) 
(empty line) 
(empty line) 
(empty line) 
Please notice that: 
- the second line "OK data saved" is mandatory - if not present the device will assume that the server is in maintenance or so, and will retry the sending after 1/2 of the time preset (if it is preset to send each 15 days, will retry after 7 days) 
- the reading frequency will be read and used by MbusEasy; you can simply read and print rtim; there are special values: the value 720 means "one month"; 360 the day 1 and the day 16 of the month; from 168 to 24 you have the days. Also, from 720 to 24 the readings are done on the night, on a random hour between 0 and 2:59 GMT - and not actually after 720 or 360 or whatever hours. 
That's all, folks! 
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